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Premium Crafted Vodka


Award Winning Wheat Vodka


















Inspired by Vicki's Russian heritage, Crostwater’s Vodka is the origin story. Growing up drinking 'Holy Water', vodka is the spirit of Russia both figuratively and literally. Although only becoming popular after Word War II, vodka quickly rose to become one of the most consumed spirits in the world. Although known to most as a neutral spirit, the Eastern Bloc Countries' vodkas notably have a whisper of sweetness. Using 100% wheat, Crostwater vodka continues that tradition. Being distilled and filtered multiple times also results in a clean, smooth finish. Mixed with anything, made into a perfect martini (clean or dirty), or enjoyed as an ice cold shot as in Russia, Crostwater Vodka has a little something for everyone.

White Rum


Award Winning White Rum - 100% Sugar Cane - Non-GMO

Caribbean Style Rum is probably the oldest distilled spirit in the western hemisphere with its history tracing back to the early 1600s. Although it eventually became widely known to be made with molasses, Crostwater Distilled Spirits’ takes the old approach to rum. Going for the cleanest and best taste possible, Crostwater Rum is made from 100% Non-GMO cane sugar grown in the United States. It is the swiss army knife of the product line: it can mix with almost anything or any flavor, stand on its own, make a small simple cocktail, or a large batch drink or punch.

American Distilling Institute certified craft spirit and gold winner of The Fifty Best NYC.



London Dry Gin - Available for a short time!

We have a new Gin available for a limited time. It is a London Dry style Gin. We kept our same mix and broke in our new still. As a result, we created a truly dry gin that will satisfy the dry gin lover. Our citrus forward Gin will be back soon. You can still taste the citrus notes around the side of your tongue and it has a very crisp and clean finish. The dry style is right in the middle of the pallet and gives the distinct flavor most gin lovers know. Stop in while supplies last!

Spiced Rum


Caribbean Style Rum with Natural Spices

Let's be honest, most spiced rums taste the same: sweet and vaguely spiced. Just because that's what you're used to doesn't mean it's what you should settle for. Crostwater wanted more. Crostwater likes to think of it as 'Rum, with spices'. They steep natural, whole spices and botanicals in their award-winning sugarcane based rum, creating both the rich amber color and deep flavors which sets their spiced rum apart. There are two distinct layers, with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and then botanicals like orange peel and a hint of vanilla that make up the nose and the finish. Your taste buds decide in which order they hit you.

Aged Rum


Caribbean Style Rum Aged in New American White Oak Barrels

Crostwater Aged Rum starts with their award winning white rum, which goes into a Charred New White American Oak Barrel to take a 6 month nap. When it awakens, what once was a crisp, clean young rum emerges as a new complex spirit. It has a sweet, almost butterscotch like aroma, even though there are no added colors or flavorings. The taste has a hint of vanilla and sweet citrus. Although the smell is sweet, the palate does not overwhelm. With a smooth, slightly toasted or smoky finish, it has been said on many occasions that it 'drinks a bit like whiskey'. Won Silver Medal from American Distilling Institute - 2019

Rye Whiskey


Danko Rye & Corn with a Touch of Malted Barley

Sourcing all their grains from local farmers, Crostwater Distilled Spirits is proud to continue the long history and tradition of rye whiskey production in Pennsylvania. Most people think big and bold with strong notes of pepper when thinking of rye...but not all ryes are created equal! You'll still notice some pepper and nutty flavors in Crostwater Aged Rye, but a slight sweetness balances it out for a surprisingly smooth finish. The combination of Pennsylvania rye and corn, topped off with a hint of malted barley, results in a flavor that would make famed rye distiller George Washington himself jealous of what they're pouring.




White Rye Whiskey


Danko Rye & Corn with a Touch of Malted Barley - Un-aged

The base for our Aged Rye Whiskey, the White Rye is a surprising spirit both in smoothness and cocktails mixing. There are limited quantities based on it being the source for the Aged product. However; it sells quickly due to its unique and smooth flavor. There is nothing overpowering. Add an aging spiral and wait 6 weeks and you can have your own aged Rye. Look for it between barrel fillings.


Bourbon Whiskey


PA Corn and Rye Mash and Malted Barley - Aged at least 2 Years

Current release is August 2021.  Super smooth and sweet caramel is what lingers. Smokey notes on the nose and the back of your throat. It is not harsh or bitey. Northeastern American White Oak gives the unique aroma and subtle tannin added to the distinct Bourbon corn profile. This is what Bourbon is supposed to be.





Cinnamon Rye Whiskey


Danko Rye Mash Corn and Malted Barley - Naturally Flavored with Cinnamon and Sugar

Rye Whiskey is an American Original.  With the addition of raw cinnamon and natural sugar, a new Crostwater offering is born. Created by our staff and loved by our patrons.  We hope you come to love this smooth version of cinnamon Whiskey as much as our team and customers do! 



White and Light Brown Cane Sugar

Clean American Rum made with our exclusive water filtration process. KLYR was born from scribbling outside the margins and the pursuit of the irrefutable. We’re purists because we believe in a silver rum that’s smooth from start to finish. REFRESH EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT RUM



Distillery & Tasting Room

Modern and Comfortable Tasting Room and Streamlined Distillery


Where To Find Crostwater

Spirit Hub
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