Crostwater Aged Rum

Crostwater Aged Rum is distilled dry without added sugars. The spirit starts on the nose with a sweet vanilla and butterscotch aroma. The taste is a natural vanilla, warm cinnamon, clean citrus with a smooth finish that does not linger too long and quickly ends smooth. You will get a slight toasted or smoked release in the middle. Although the smell is sweet, the pallet does not overwhelm. Each taste brings subtle flavor changes.

All our Crostwater products are truly grain to glass. We start with raw cleaned and dry grain locally sourced within hours of our facility. We also source the majority of those grains within the ownership of the company. We believe in providing local economic support and high quality products. We do not purchase from mass produced GNS. In order to be craft, we actually make it all. Either order your bottle online or come visit our tasting room. Craft from beginning to end...